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About us

Here at Deliquescents, we specialise in creating luxury home fragrance products. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our products are of the highest standard and ethically sourced. Each and every product is handmade from start to finish; from ensuring our unique soy wax blend and perfected fragrance creates the optimum ratio to carefully packaging our products. We offer a wide variety of fragrances in hope that there is always something for everyone, of course our fragrances and products list is always expanding by continuous customer request. We are immensely passionate about our creations and hope that every single customer loves our product as much as we do !

Our wax melts contain three main ingredients; wax, oil and colourants. Below we have provided some information on what we have considered to ensure our ingredients are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way. That the workers involved in supplying our ingredients are safe and treated fairly and that environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during our sourcing process. 

Mica Powder

The beautiful dancing shimmer that our wax melt pools have is due to the mica powder that we use. Mica powder is a mineral composite that forms underground for hundreds of years, this is found in mines. Unfortunately, when researching this magical powder when founding Deliquescents we soon found that child labour was involved in this process which is exhausting, hazardous and jeopardises their health. In many villages in India 75% of households depend on mica for their living so to simply remove mica mining would be detrimental to peoples livelihood. Taking all of the above into consideration, we made it our mission to ensure that all mica powders we used in our products are ethically sourced whilst also supporting the mica community. Our supplier is able to fully trace the raw materials used and can confirm that their manufactures work daily to ensure their working conditions are safe and regulated and have a strong commitment to human rights. We also follow the responsible mica initiative who are working extremely hard to eliminate unacceptable working conditions and eradicate child labour by 2022.

Soy Wax

Here at Deliquescents we use Soy wax for our wax melts. We use multiple different waxes to create a unique blend ensuring that our melts provide the best possible fragrance throw. The Soy waxes which we use are sourced from North America and Brazil from purely ethical and non-genetically modified sources. A full supply chain audit has been carried out and only ethical suppliers have been chosen that do not contribute to de-forestation.

Fragrance Oils

The oils that we use to create our wide variety of fragrances are all vegan friendly and animal cruelty free. Our oils used are manufactured here in the UK which ensures that we meet the most up to date requirements and safety regulations. Due to oils being manufactured in the UK, this reduces our carbon footprint.


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