A sweet peppermint cream accord sweetened by creamy vanilla and sparkling fondant sugar.

1 x Room Spray
1 x Large Carpet Freshener
1 x Fizzy Freshener
1 x Christmas Themed Wax Melt (approximately 50 hours burn time)

Fizzy Freshener instructions for use:

Fizzy Freshener tubs will contain a scoop to allow you to measure how much you wish to use, 1 toilet bomb equates to 2.5 scoops. Each tub contains approximately 25 scoops which can be used for; toilet bowls, empty dishwashers, empty washing machines, plug holes, mops etc. Our fizzy freshener contains sodium bicarbonate which is a mild alkali meaning it dissolves dirt and grease easily. Sodium Bicarbonate is also a deodoriser, it brings acidic and basic odour molecules into a more neutral state. Fizzy freshener also contains citric acid which is used as a disinfectant against viruses and bacteria the more natural way.

Carpet freshener instructions for use:

Simply sprinkle the carpet freshener on to your carpet/rug and leave it for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow bad odours to diminish and our fragrances to fill your room, then vacuum up. Our carpet freshener is predominantly used for carpets, however, can also be used to freshen your bins, mattress, fabric sofas and car interiors.

Room spray instructions for use:

Simply remove the cap from your bottle and spray the fragrance into the air, or onto any fabric that you desire! Approximately 1000 sprays per bottle.

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