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Fizzy Fresheners

Fizzy freshener tubs are the same formula as our toilet bombs but will be available in 29 different fragrances.
The fragrances that we will be offering have been picked on the basis that they are not harmful or toxic to aquatic life.
Due to so many of our customers thinking outside of the box and not only using toilet bombs for their toilet but also in mop buckets and washing machines, we knew we needed to create something that was easier to use as much or as little as you would like.
Examples of where our fizzy freshener can be used around the home:
Toilet bowls
Empty dishwashers
Empty washing machines
Plug holes
Fizzy Freshener tubs will contain a scoop to allow you to measure how much you wish to use, 1 toilet bomb equates to 2.5 scoops. Each tub contains approximately 25 scoops.
Our fizzy freshener contains sodium bicarbonate which is a mild alkali meaning it dissolves dirt and grease easily. Sodium Bicarbonate is also a deodoriser, it brings acidic and basic odour molecules into a more neutral state. Fizzy freshener also contains citric acid which is used as a disinfectant against viruses and bacteria the more natural way.

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