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Toilet Bomb - Refill

Our Toilet Bomb Refill packs contain 6 fizzy bombs in your chosen fragrance.
Please see further below the fragrance descriptions.
We have formulated these amazing toilet bombs to not only do what Deliquescents does best, filling your home with the most amazing fragrances, but also freshen your toilet !
Many conventional toilet cleaners are harmful and/or toxic to our aquatic life causing lots of damage to the environment. Our toilet bombs have been formulated to ensure this does not happen.
Our toilet bombs contain sodium bicarbonate which is a mild alkali meaning it dissolves dirt and grease easily. Sodium Bicarbonate is also a deodoriser, it brings acidic and basic odour molecules into a more neutral state. Toilet bombs also contain citric acid which is used as a disinfectant against viruses and bacteria.
How to use:
- Drop one bomb into your toilet once a week and let it fizz in the water.
- The bomb will freshen under the waterline.
- You can then use your toilet brush around the bowl for extra cleanliness.
- Toilet bombs can be left in the bowl of your toilet for as long as you wish before 
   flushing, the longer you leave the stronger the fragrance in your bathroom.

A strong fruity accord of ripened black cherries.

A creamy coconut accord opening with gentle citrus hints, fruity nuances and coconut flesh supported by heliotrope and jasmine resting on a base of smooth sandal, coconut husk and musks.

Lemon & Lavender
A bright fragrance of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus with green and fruity nuances including tomato leaf, lime and spices.

Lime Basil & Mandarin
A refreshing citrus fragrance where notes of juicy mandarin, lemon and a nuance of lime are accompanied by uplifting basil and thyme with a hint of lemongrass and spearmint.  These all rest on a cool moss base with accents of labdanum and vetivert.

Passionfruit Martini
A rich fruity accord dominated by notes of freshly sliced passionfruit blended with softer notes of summer fruits.

An ice cool peppermint accord supported by fresh eucalyptus notes.

Pine Cones
A simple pine fragrance opening with a pine needle top note then leading onto pine woods, while resting on a mossy pine base.

Peony & Blush Suede
A luxurious fragrance with top notes of juicy red apple and citrus nuances leading to a floral heart of peony blossom, jasmine, rose and gillyflower leading to a base of soft suede, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk.

Purple Rain
A fresh tropical cocktail with freshly squeezed grapefruits and cranberry juice lavished by crisp vodka on the rocks garnished by a slice of Mexican lime.

A vibrant citrus accord combining notes of lemon, verbena, lemongrass and with spicy nuances and a base of citrus pith, musk and woods.

Sweet Fairy
A vibrant sweet fruity accord with notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla with sweet candy floss.

A fresh juicy watermelon accord with fresh watery green notes of cucumber, kiwi and lime blended with crisp green florals.

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